Happy New Year/Decade!

January 02, 2020  •  2 Comments

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year and new decade. How exciting, time to challenge ourselves to be better each day. I cannot wait for all the things to come this year. My mind is filled with fun ideas for all those I will have to opportunity to photograph this year. Who will I get to meet? Who's business will I get to help with portraits? Who are all the amazing mommies to be? Who are the couples getting married? And so much more! 

Happy 2020 friends, I hope you are as excited as I am... or as these two cute brothers are!


After the words new year, I remember one unpleasant situation for me. In short, in our family we all give each other presents on New Year's Eve. It is quite expensive, and on top of that I lost my job. But not to leave my family without presents I quickly started looking for a new one, writing my best resume using resume companies --> https://www.resumesuniverse.com/, the best of its kind
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We are tense to report our New Client Rewards Program for 2018. Each time you gather another client to us, YOU get a $50 GIFT when they book a party with us. YOU RECEIVE $50. to spend any way you'd like. You DO NOT have to spend it on our photography affiliations! Experience out on a short break, get a nail treatment or buy your self another outfit!
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